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    Wake Up World! Cooperation Network

    WUW! It is in a permanent process of expansion as a Cooperation Network and the number of affiliated participants is growing rapidly.

    All member NGDOs must obey the following general criteria:

    Have been legally constituted as a non-governmental entity -Focus the priority line of work on the development of issues related to the MDGs and SDGs.

    Have qualified experience in the design and management of local development projects.

    Represent an institutionally established organization with an important track record that has its own impact on the main fields of action. -Demonstrate active participation in Local and Regional Development Networks.

    Being a non-political and non-partisan entity that carries out activities focused on equality and social justice without discrimination of any kind.


    Businesses and Corporate Foundations

    Wake up World! focuses on promoting, supporting and expanding multisectoral cooperation strategies for the achievement of the Millennium Goals. The Private Sector represents the main key in this process in such a way that WUW! seeks to favor the conditions for companies to participate and become active members of the Wake up World! Multisectoral Cooperation Network. Many local and international companies have already decided to join our platform and from there constitute a single opportunity to expand the objectives in the field of corporate social responsibility, gaining international recognition for their efforts through participation in multisectoral activities. The general requirements for company participation in the Wake up World! are:

    Express a strong commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through their affiliation to the Global Compact and / or the implementation of CSR programs within their local communities. -Centralize your CSR support on issues related to the MDGs.

    Have previous experience in Multisectoral Development Cooperation through its CSR activities.

    Not having participated in the violation of civil, economic, social, environmental and cultural rights in the countries of incidence.


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    Non-governmental Development Organizations

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